Support for Foster Carers

Here at ALL4U Fostering we know from experience that the best way to make sure that a child/young person has a successful and happy time with their foster carers, and the foster carers in their turn feel confident in what they are doing, is to provide a high level of support from the time a child/young person arrives with their foster family until the time they move on.

We know that our foster carers are at the heart of what we do – without them we could not provide the service to children/young people that we aspire to.  That is why we value them, and want  to do our best to support them to care for those placed with them.

The support we provide takes many forms:-

  • Telephone support from a qualified social worker, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • A designated supervising social worker, who will get to know your family, and be able to respond to your family’s needs, to assist in sustaining foster placements.
  • Regular, structured supervision from your supervising social worker, which will take place 4 to 6 weekly or more regularly if necessary.(During difficult times/in the early days of a placement supervision will take place more  frequently).
  • 21 nights paid respite per year is added to your regular payment so if you choose not to take this you are not disadvantaged.
  • A comprehensive training programme – taking into account the particular needs of individuals. Each carer will have their own training plan, which they will draw-up with their supervising social worker.
  • Regular support groups where foster carers can get together to share ideas and problems.
  • Social events where families can meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Regular opportunities for foster carers to have input into the activities and running of ALL4U Fostering.
  • Individual membership of Fostering Network.



ALL4U Fostering  is closely associated with the Layberry Foundation, a charity set-up with the object of providing young people, who have been through the care system, with the social and life skills to enable them to live as fulfilled and successful members of the adult community.  As such, ALL4U Fostering makes an ongoing commitment to the young people it cares for, i.e. to give them, and their carers, extra support  in their foster placement as they move towards independence, and thereafter to give them the additional support and guidance they may need to live independently.  Wood Farm Projects is a company, which is in the process of being set-up by the Layberry Foundation, in order to provide young people, when they are ready, with work experience, so that  they can acquire skills, which will assist them in seeking employment when they leave care.   As a foster carer for ALL4U Fostering you are a vital part of the bigger picture!  As a small organisation the staff team are able to understand the issues you may be faced with, (on a need-to-know basis), which means there will always be someone around who is able to respond appropriately.