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Our OFSTED Inspection Result - Outstanding...

"ALL4U Fostering is a relatively new agency, started to ensure all resources are used to support foster carers and the children and young people they care for. I am delighted that OFSTED have seen the amount of effort and care given by so many to put children first" Andrew Fox - Director ALL4U Fostering.

OFSTED quoted on ALL4U Fostering "“The therapeutic ethos of the agency consistently underpins the care and support provided to carers and children. Carers receive specialised training that promotes therapeutic parenting. They understand the effect of trauma on the lives of children and support the children in a therapeutic way”

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Just a brief update on the ALL4U swimming challenge, our carers and children are ‘splashing’ it !! We have had 5 carers and 6 children who have let us know about lengths they have been completing towa


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