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Preparation To Foster Training - Come and join us

Due to our successful recruitment campaign in London and Kent in recent months, we have been facilitating a preparation training during lockdown via video link.

If you would like to join our next training we will be facilitating the next group of sessions from June onwards.

We are looking for people new to fostering or experienced carers to join us. It is anticipated the demand for carers will increase as we start to socialise again.

We are particularly interested in those people who may have to rethink their careers and have enjoyed a period of time at home.

We have established groups of carers in Orpington, Gravesend, Ashford, Northampton, Bedford and Hertfordshire who offer parent and child, short and long term placements.

Due to our continued development we are also looking to recruit an additional supervising social worker and independent social workers in Herts, Bedfordshire, Northampton area.

We look forward to hearing from you on 01959 535025.

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