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Thank you from Rita and Roy...

💛Rita and Roy have been fostering for over 40 years. Here's what they had to say following their retirement from the ALL4U family 💛

“We want to thank everyone who attended our retirement celebration, we were amazed with the gifts, cards and beautiful buffet. It was so nice to sit down with Marion and go over old times that go back over 40 years. When we met at SFS fostering l was very impressed with the caring Marion, who talked about it being no them and us.

As soon as we found out Marion had set up her own fostering company l was on the phone to join Safehouses and we have never looked back.

l have found all staff have been more than helpful and always answer the phone with a happy and welcoming greeting. Oh gosh, what will l do without my weekly visit from Ann, we have worked together for many years. Ann has been the best support, Agony Aunt and a big part of our fostering family. It’s funny, l have had highs and lows in my fostering, but now l look back and only remember the fun and good times, the positive in every placement and the amazing people l have worked with. l am going to miss you all so very much; l always knew l would foster until bad health stopped me and this year it happened.

l want to thank Socials Workers, Supervising Social Workers, colleges and Marion and Knocker for being a large part of my life. There are no words that l can use to say how much l will miss you all, god bless you all”.

Rita and Roy.


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