Why Foster with Us?

ALL4U Fostering is closely associated with the Layberry Foundation, which has also set up Wood Farm Projects, a company created to give care leavers the opportunity to gain the skills to survive in the adult world, including work experience.

ALL4U is a small, personalised agency and this means that we are aiming to provide a service to children and young people which focuses on them as individuals – listening to them – providing the support which helps them to achieve their dreams and ambitions – helping them to be the best that they can.   At the same time we know how crucial it is to support our foster carers and listen to their ideas as well as their concerns.

Many other independent fostering agencies have been taken over by large corporate organisations, with a strong emphasis on making a profit for investors.   It is our belief that such motivation can have a detrimental effect on the welfare of children and young people.   Proper matching of children and young people to carers can be compromised by the need to ‘fill beds’.   This can, and does, put both carers and children and young people in challenging situations.   We give an undertaking to all our carers that unless good matching is achieved, then children and young people will not be placed in carers’ homes.   We will not compromise on this – it has been proven time and time again that good matching creates the best chance for stability and avoidance of placement breakdown.

We strive to offer better choices for the young people placed with us by encouraging them to take part in what The Layberry Foundation as a whole has to offer.

The unique surroundings of Wood Farm create a calm and natural environment from which to operate.   Any profits generated by the fostering agency and Wood Farm Projects are ploughed back into the Charity to enhance the support we are able to offer young people.

We hope that the Layberry Foundation charity status will encourage you to consider becoming part of ALL4U Fostering when deciding which agency you would like to join.