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Some kind words for amazing people making a huge difference

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to share some kind words with us. It is hugely appreciated.

From a Student Social Worker:

"I would like to say a massive thank you to ALL4U Fostering and the staff and amazing foster parents and children. It has been a privilege to spend my 70 days with you all and have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing team. Thank you for reminding me of why I came into social care and how positive you have made this experience for me. I fully admire and appreciate the work you all do - it’s pretty remarkable."

Email to foster carers from a new residential placement:

"I appreciate the challenges that you have all faced in recent months and the hard decision to ask for something different for *** moving forward. I acknowledge the toll this has taken and how it has been emotionally taxing for you both. In my short time of knowing you I have been moved by the relationships you three have developed and I have witnessed and felt your love for one another. It has been crucial for him to be able to stay so long. See you soon *** and ***, rather than goodbye; I am delighted that those around him have been attuned to his ongoing need to be connected to you, but in a different evolving way. Thank you for all you’ve done for *** so far and being the bridge to start connections with us. I hope over the next few weeks you emotionally repair, rest and recharge and take stock and own the gift that you have given ***, ‘a great foundation’. Your humility is admirable."

Virtual School on attending PEP commented:

"This is fostering at its best"

when talking about the foster carers of *** and ***

From two of our foster carers:

"Although we are on holiday with our 3 complex children at present, we feel we must take a few moments of our time to email you. We have been with ALL4U for nearly two years and the overwhelming help and consideration from all members of staff from top to bottom is outstanding. We have had a very difficult year in particular with one young man and ALL4U have supported us at each turn from offering to sit with him so we could have a break whilst he’s been in hospital numerous times, putting people in at home to help at difficult times and a wealth of support via the phone from everyone. Anita Swan, Wendy Spears and Mark Thomas have all helped immensely in various ways. Thank you is not enough. We would not have had this level of support from any of our previous agencies over our nearly 15 years in fostering. Above and beyond for every child and carer."


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